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is not just a bike shop. We’re on a mission. Often we're on a mission to get someone off to work who’s been sidelined by a pothole or a roofing nail. Other times, we’re taking 25 cents for a patch and showing some broke friend how to keep air in their tires. Sometimes (rarely) we’re on a mission to dial in a triathlete’s shifting before an event. But our real mission is to get your, and everyones, bike working the best it can. The better your bike works, the more us mechanics can ride our bikes, go camping, sing songs, If you are looking for a new bike, looking to get your existing bike tuned up, or looking for parts to do it yourself, Truly Spoken is the place to go. We offer a wide variety of new and used bikes for commuting, mountain biking, road racing, or somewhere in between. We also carry new and used parts and accessories, including lights, locks, and helmets.

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Truly Spoken is your local JAMIS dealer. Stop by to see some of the models we have in stock. We also have TORKER bicycles in stock and a limited selection of SURLY'S on sale now.

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On a really budget-y budget? We have a small and quickly changing stock of used bikes. The prices normally range from about $150 to $300. For more information it’s best to stop in and see what we have available.


Already have a bike? Truly Spoken Cycles does tune ups, repairs, and maintenance. If your brakes are squealing, your shifters aren't shifting, or your wheels are wobbling, bring it in and we’ll take care of your trusty steed.

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